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Injuries sustained while working out tree changer life

First aid kit on green grass outdoors

Inspired by my latest injury – breaking my fall onto the log splitter with my shin – I’ve decided to compile a running list of dumb ways to die in the bush if you’re not careful!

My injuries:

  1. A cracked shin after tripping on a log and falling onto a log splitter.
  2. A severely locked back (two weeks of not being able to walk) after bending over to pick up a chainsaw.
  3. A mild concussion after banging heads with Mr Tree Changer while trying to help a sick animal hiding under a table.
  4. Badly scratched up arms after forgetting to wear long sleeves to feed the strays hay.

Mr Tree Changer’s injuries:

  1. A badly sprained shoulder after falling while pulling out a post that was going to hit a bogged car being winched out of liquefied mud (got all that?!).
  2. Coming off second best against the blackberries.

The near misses!

Narrowly avoiding:

  1. A stump through a rear windscreen & to the head after some enthusiastic tree removal efforts involving a ute and a chain.
  2. A projectile rock to the upper body while filming and laughing at Mr Tree Changer reversing an old tractor up the hill for grass slashing.
  3. Multiple injuries after nearly rolling said tractor while two-wheeling up a steeper than should have been attempted hill.

Check back regularly for our ongoing list of injuries and near misses!