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Crikey, it’s a….

The animalTheir pet name/s
Swamp WallabyKellis because she brings all the boys to the yard, evidenced by her three joeys in as many years #nojudgementkellis
Eastern Grey KangarooHey you (too many to name)
Wood DuckDonald, Melania, Donald Jnr, Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany and Barron
Pygmy Possum Mickey and Minnie (Google them to see why)
Common WombatElle, Eric, Edwina, Enid, Edgar and Elaine
Jacky DragonsDave and Doug
Blue Tongue Lizard Louie and Lou
Rock WallabyKevin
Huntsmen &women SpiderHarriet and Harold
Were-rabbitsWallace and Gromit
Snake-necked TurtleDonatello, Raphael, Michelangelo & Leonardo
GoannaDorothy (the modern dinosaur)
Eastern Brown SnakeSanta (because they first paid a visit to our kitchen on Christmas Day)
Red Belly Black SnakeAllens
DeerJulie Andrews and Homer
Lazy Bush PigeonBones
Sulphur-crested CockatooRowdy
Glossy Black CockatooRocky (because they are as rare as Rockinghorse poo)
FoxMichael J and Samantha
KookaburraEddie Murphy
Stray cowsLarry, Curly, Moe and Joe
Stray sheepMary and Co
Stray alpacasKerry, Ros and Jamie
Crimson RosellaMr Lumpy Head & co (yes, the ring leader has a bump on his head)
King ParrotBonnie & Clyde (they steal all of the seed)
Willie wagtailBob and Barbara
HeronCaptain Crash (named for their graceful dam landings)
FrogKermit & Bob Brown
Wild PigKevin Bacon
Currawong and MagpieThe Montagues and The Capulets (yep, they hang out in gangs)
Southern Boobook OwlDr. Whoo and Owlbert Einstein
DropbearToo scary to give a name in case you utter it & they appear!

Check back regularly to meet our new arrivals!