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What’s on my dance card this month – July

To give a bit more insight into what it’s like to live in the country and own acreage, I thought it would be interesting to do a quick post each month outlining what’s on the cards (or rather the never-ending job whiteboard) for the month.

Here are the main jobs we’ll be doing in July:

1. Tractor repairs

With our average daily temperatures currently sitting around 7°C,  July is a good month to stay indoors as much as possible, making it a good month to stay on top of maintenance.

With the grass not growing fast, top of the list for some quality time and attention is our faithful Leyland Tractor.

Out Leyland is old. As in its warranty ran out 50 years ago old, and you’d probably find its brothers and sisters in a vintage tractor display at a rural field day.

But we figured it was an excellent buy for a property needing a tractor to keep the grass down in the few paddocks it has and not much else.

While our trusty old tractor has barely skipped a beat since we bought it around three years ago, prevention is the best cure, as they say.  

However, completing maintenance and repairs on old Leyland is not a straightforward task, given there aren’t too many dealers selling old English tractors from the seventies near where we live!

So this month, Mr Tree Changer will be consulting his second-hand manual and countless YouTube videos to ensure it’s ready for another round of paddock bashing in Spring.

2. More firewood cutting and fallen tree clearing

I really feel like a broken record when I add this job to the list almost every month, but the reality is that clearing fallen trees and cutting firewood is a never-ending job when you live on a 100 acre mostly bush block.

Our situation has not been helped by an extended period of wild winds recently, which has brought down more trees.

So with even more wood to clear this month, our adventures will also include some firewood cutting with some of our neighbours to share the fun and the spoils.

How is your July looking? I hope you have lots of good things planned!



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