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What’s on my dance card this month – May

To give a bit more insight into what it’s like to live in the country and own acreage, I thought it would be interesting to do a quick post each month outlining what’s on the cards (or rather the never-ending job whiteboard) for the month ahead.

As the lateness of my latest post shows – it has already been another busy start to the month here!

Here’s what we’ll be doing here in May:

1. Standing up a new house

Okay, so we won’t technically be doing this job ourselves! But the world’s timber gods have (finally) come through with the goods, and we’re expecting our builder & a crane to be onsite towards the end of this month to put our passive house panels into place.

Watch this space for more details.

 (I did tell you 2021 will be heavy on “Building a Passive House” posts, right?).

2. Harvesting the last of our homegrown fruit before Winter hits

I’ve spent the last few weeks (and frosts) anxiously checking in on my lemon and lime trees each day.

All going well it will be the first fruit we get to pick from these trees – expect lots of life giving you lemon jokes if this crop comes to fruition.

3. Talking crap

As our new house comes together, we’re starting to get plans in place for a significantly expanded vegetable garden and orchard.

To give everything the best chance of survival and try and be a bit nicer to the planet, I’m heading off to a course to learn all things compost!

4. Spending (more) quality time with the chainsaw

I know it seems like we’re constantly chopping up trees for firewood. The reality? We are!!! While we’ve got a good woodpile going this year, it never lasts long when the days turn cold, and you go from burning 10 logs a night to round the clock fires.

How is your May looking? I hope you have lots of good things planned!



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