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50 (country living) things that make me happy

As you’d know by now, I love a good list, and I also love talking about how much happier I think I am since we moved to the country three years ago.

So when a good friend asked me to take part in a “50 things that make me happy” challenge, I couldn’t resist having a crack at it, with a living in the country spin of course.

As I compiled my list, I realised a few things:

  • Just thinking about the stuff that makes me happy made me feel happy.
  • If I’d made this list living in the city, it would have been very different.
  • (Spoiler alert): the things that now make me happy are intrinsically linked to the environment I live in and its simplicity.
  • It’s probably a good to regularly stop and think about the things that make us happy to ensure we keep consciously doing those things.

So in no particular order, here are 50 things that make me happy:

  1. Waking up to the sound of magpies singing almost every morning
  2. Sharing the fantastic spot we now live in with family and friends
  3. Taking 6-year-old kelpie Zac for daily walks exploring our 100 acres
  4. Taking 17-year-old kelpie Zilla on daily strolls to the bush chocolate shop (aka the spot where the wombats like to poo & something that makes dogs happy!)
  5. Ending each day with a spectacular sunset show
  6. Driving a tractor for hours, slashing paddocks and contemplating everything or nothing
  7. Learning a new (hobby) farming skill
  8. Mastering things that scare me like chainsawing
  9. Falling into a deep sleep at night after a day of hard physical work
  10. Enjoying the smell of rain after a long hot Summers day
  11. Eating and sharing our home-grown cherries, plums, apples, lemons and limes
  12. Cooking meals using our own or locally grown ingredients
  13. Eating fresh farm eggs for breakfast
  14. Being able to wear gumboots almost everywhere
  15. Being able to dress down almost every day
  16. Experiencing each season physically as it passes
  17. Being able to see starry skies almost every night
  18. Enjoying the soundlessness of clear winter nights
  19. Creating towering piles of firewood before Autumn rolls around
  20. Enjoying bonfires and beers as the weather gets cooler
  21. Sitting in front of the indoor wood fire when it’s super cold outside
  22. Having fresh native flowers on the kitchen bench
  23. Smelling the crisp scent of eucalyptus trees in the air
  24. Visiting local growers and makers markets for great produce and wares
  25. Spotting the first signs of wattle blossoms announcing Spring’s arrival
  26. Enjoying a good book in the hammock under the pine trees
  27. Taking a good old nanna nap in that same hammock
  28. Enjoying fresh honey from our beekeeping neighbour
  29. Seeing our neighbour’s bees enjoying our veggie garden and lavender patch
  30. Taking in the incredible mountain view from our new house site
  31. Ticking tasks off the ‘farm jobs’ list
  32. Ticking tasks off the list of things to do for our new, mostly off the grid home
  33. Watching thunderstorms roll in over our mountain range
  34. Savouring our (rare) snow days and the chance to go outside and act like kids
  35. Having full water tanks and dams
  36. Paddling about in our little river when it’s running
  37. Starting the day on the balcony with a good coffee and a view
  38. Being able to work from home full time
  39. Getting momentarily distracted by the antics of the cheeky wood ducks, king parrots and rosellas outside my office window
  40. Finishing work for the day and realising it’s still early because I don’t have a commute to contend with
  41. Discovering new podcasts for my occasional, but long, car trips
  42. Pulling onto the dirt road that leads to home after those long car trips
  43. Checking out what the neighbour’s cute alpacas are up to
  44. Discovering new wildlife around our property
  45. Seeing newly born gambolling lambs in the paddocks around us
  46. Seeing turtles sunbaking lazily on our dam wall
  47. Watching the kangaroo mobs on our hillside, and the journey the joeys take from mum’s pouch to outside world
  48. Hosting our nieces and nephews for unique school holidays adventures
  49. Taking photos that (almost!) capture what life is like where we live now
  50. Sharing my stories about tree changing and adjusting to life in the country!

What makes you happy? I’d love to see your list!



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