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Sneak peek: 7 things on the cards for The Tree Changers in 2021

To borrow from one of 2020’s more popular memes: what a year this month has been!

As my posting of late – or lack thereof – shows, there has been A LOT going on in The Tree Changers household lately. But with the end of the year drawing close, I’ve finally had the chance to slow back down a little and think about everything 2020 has sent our way.

I think it’s fair to say the year that has passed will go down as the year that changed all of us – whether we wanted it to or not!

I feel happy and very fortunate about where our year has landed, especially considering how damaging the pandemic has been (and continues to be) for far too many people.

But the year hasn’t been without its challenges, including leaving me feeling a little directionless at times.

So I figured it was time to make one of my famous to-do lists!

Here’s a sneak preview of the things you’ll see me do (and write about) in 2021:

1. Build our new house. Our days in the shouse are now well and truly numbered with construction due to start in the New Year!

2. Start our farm-based side hustle. Tips on the best way to shake wattle seeds from the tree will be greatly received 😉

3. Get some formal wildlife warrior training. Look out Steve Irwin. Our crazy wallaby/kangaroo/wombat rescues are about to level up!

4. Make catch-ups with friends and family on Zoom a regular thing. One of the best things to come out of the pandemic? Finding this new & creative way to catch up and celebrate without the need to travel.

5. Retain the ‘good for me’ habits rediscovered in lockdown. Highlights include reading more ‘old fashioned’ books, joining meditation, yoga and Pilates classes via Zoom and cooking more stuff from scratch.

6. Take up our neighbour’s offer to learn beekeeping. Be prepared to see lots of honey-based gifts in your future…   

7. Drive the tractor more. I swear you don’t need therapy when you can drive a tractor up and down a paddock for hours!

I hope the end of this year finds you in a good place and that you too have many things to look forward to in the year ahead.

Stay safe, well and happy & I hope to share more tree changing antics with you in 2021.



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