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Three common (and uncomfortable!) tree change questions

When people find out we’ve tree changed, many will tell me they’d love to escape the city and ask a bunch of where, how and why questions on the logistics – subjects I’ll happily talk about until the cows come home (literally!).

However, there are also some common, and sometimes uncomfortable, questions people nervously ask.

All are real and valid considerations – and things I’m also happy to talk about – so I thought I’d cover them off. Here goes:

1. Aren’t you afraid you’ll never get back into the Sydney/major capital city property market if you change your mind?

In short – no!

A couple of day trips to Sydney recently have reminded me it’s a nice place to visit, but definitely not somewhere I could ever see myself living again.  

My mind, and blood pressure, have adapted very quickly to no traffic, no road rage, and no grumpy people living on top of each other.

But tree changing is a big decision, and even with some COVID induced price falls, the still out of control property prices in most major cities means it’s a decision that needs to be made confidently. Or one that’s supported by a backup plan.

My advice:

If you’re contemplating a tree change and worried about having a city safety net, there are a few ways to manage this, budget permitting of course:

  • Try before you buy. Consider renting in the area you’re thinking of tree changing to before you commit to selling the place you (or you & your bank!) own in the city.  Even with the current rental downturn, it’s likely any rent you collect from your city place will far outweigh the cost of renting in a regional area.   
  • Look at buying a small investment place in the city as your back up plan if you’re really worried.

2. Don’t you get scared at night with no one around?

Thanks for reminding me I’m effectively living in The Cabin in The Woods, Karen (which is actually a great movie btw 😉).

The answer to this is also a no, although it did take time to adjust to nights where you can’t see into the darkness around you and feel quite exposed. Especially when a wombat trying to break into your recycling bins at midnight also sounds like a serial killer trying to break down your front door

My advice:

  • For peace of mind, take a quick look at crime rates!  The highlights of my last few years in Sydney included home and car break-ins and the theft of a car trailer, being followed home from a team dinner one night, and witnessing a ram raid & armed hold up on the bowling club across the road and a terrifying road rage incident. The closest crime to me in the last three years has been police busting people a few towns over for growing pot…

3. Aren’t you worried about snakes?

In short – YES, YES and YES!

We’ve already had the *pleasure* of three brown snakes visiting our kitchen (and in case you missed it, that pleasure was me being sarcastic).

With three curious kelpies, snakes are my biggest fear, but unfortunately also a part of country life (along with spiders and bushfires) and one you need to learn to live with.

My advice:

Education, prevention, and then having a plan!

For snakes specifically, this has involved:

  • learning why they visit you (usually for water in sweltering weather and food) and how they get in
  • undertaking some emergency renos on the shouse’s door to make them less snake friendly and being aware of where water bowls are placed in Summer
  • investing in a snake bite first aid kit and taking a refresher on treatment
  • having WIRES on speed dial but also having ‘snake removal gear’ on hand for those times when WIREs can’t get to you (a story for another blog)

Is there anything I’ve missed? Any other uncommon (or uncomfortable!) questions you have? Leave a comment below!



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