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Two humans, two goats, a Sharpei and a great view: meet my fellow Tree Changer Kylie!

Embarking on this blogging adventure has highlighted I have many Tree Changers in my circle of friends – the majority of them being people from my childhood and teenage years.

I’m not sure it’s entirely a coincidence. I was in Scouts with some of them as a kid which may have something to do with it, giving us all a taste of how good it is to be outdoors in nature.

Growing up in the very inner suburbs of Sydney with people living on top of each other was probably another influence for many of us!

Connecting with these friends through the blog has reinforced there are many ‘younger’ people Tree Changing and also doing it a little differently.

So I thought it would be interesting to share their stories too, to show the many ways people are making the move.

The first person to graciously share their Tree Change story is my high school friend Kylie.

Meet Kylie

Tree Change location:  
Stokers Siding, near Murwillumbah, NSW.

Who do you share your Tree Change with?

My partner Ben, ChopSuey the Sharpei, and goats Ringo and Xena.

What do you do in your day job?

I’m an Early Childhood teacher – a TAFE teacher.

If you have a question for Kylie, leave a comment below!

And if you’d like to share your Tree Change story here, get in touch.



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